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Roller Door Issues


thank you. I have submitted the form, however it won’t submit. I can;t see if there is an error that needs to be amended. any suggestions?


Were you logged in to I expected it would prompt you, but maybe not. Other than that, ?


yes I was. I filled the form in and pressed the submit button, but nothing happened. I tried to submit it a couple of times, but still nothing.


is there somewhere I can check to see if it has been submitted?


Without being there it is hard to make an educated guess. Is each box filled in with something? Did you try another browser? Sometimes forms work with one browser but not another.

If all else fails, maybe a message to Choice, asking it be routed to the Help staff.

edit: the page has a form, email address, and phone numbers


They also have a email address:


thank you for your help


UPDATE - I took my concerns to Office of Fair Trading in Qld who informed me that I had a fair case and they would represent me and contact the trader. I have just received an email from the OFT advising me they cannot assist me. I don’t understand. I have requested an explanation


I have received a response to my request and have been advised, the trader gave them their side of the story and that’s the end of it, they cannot assist me any further. Clearly, I thought OFT would do more. Can anyone advise me where to from here, as I believe the work is faulty


Are you a member of Choice, as there is Choice Help…

Alternatively, there is

If you quality for their assistance.


Is this Qld Govt advice consistent with what you have been told?

I found the following portion of the advice most difficult to put into context if you have not been given advice on what your next options are? It is important to note that there is no manmdatory obligation listed here on providing a resolution unless there has been a breech of the law?

Unresolved complaints

If we still can’t resolve a dispute, we can give you advice on what to do next.

This might be:

_ taking the complaint to a tribunal or Court_
_ getting your own legal advice._

We can’t force you or the business to take any action.
Alleged breaches of the law

Our main aim with any serious complaint is to stop it happening again.

We may also try to get a remedy for you, but this is a secondary issue for us.

There are also options for registering a dispute with QCAT as an alternative to a direct court action. QCAT will respond to a formal submission. I have taken this approach before on another matter. Fortunately there was a resolution with the business before the item came up for review. QCAT will respond and advise if they cannot deal with the matter. You able to cancel your application to QCAT at any time if you believe you have resolution. There is always a que in their system.


This is the reply I received when I asked for an explanation.

The information you had provided with your complaint was suitable for conciliation where your complaint was provided to the trader who then responded which was attached to my previous email sent to you today.

The OFT must rely on the traders willingness to negotiate a settlement but the OFT cannot direct traders or businesses to take certain action only a tribunal or court can order a trader to offer redress or resolve an issue as OFT can make no official judgments on such matters.

As previously advised, should you wish to pursue the matter you should consider applying to QCAT, telephone 1300 753 228 or seeking your own independent legal advice.

The Office of Fair Trading is unable to assist you further in relation to this matter.

The OFT did nothing. So now I guess I decide if I go legal with this matter.


Choice members can discuss their options further per @phb earlier post.

The Qld Govt QCAT web site and phone contact has plenty of guidance. If you attempt to contact QCAT by phone and they are busy they will call you back typically within 24hrs to help you with advice on how they will handle your dispute.


I previously emailed choice help and they put me onto Office of Fair Trading in Qld.



and it appears the company has played that hand. I suspect your only recourse is QCAT or a civil law suit :frowning:


It may be worth recontacting them with the above to see if they are now interested in helping you out.

Unfortunately you have struck one of the main limitations of consumer laws in Australia, that being that the agencies responsible for their administration have little power to enforce individual consumer rights. These agencies, such as the ACCC, are set up to tackle business or industry wide misconduct, rather than individuals with a one off problem.

Individual consumers are still very much on their own and have limited avenues to obtain a reasonable resolution when a product or servicd does notmeet the standard which would be acceptable to a reasonable person.


@Joanne17, we’d welcome you to contact CHOICE Help again now that the Fair Trading avenue has failed, I’ll reach out to my colleagues and let them know. There is an escalation pathway to resolving disputes, and while this avenue has failed, you may still have other options should you wish to pursue them.


can I please have the email address for Choice help again? many thanks



Bit of an update on my issue. I sent an email of complaint to head office. A gentleman from Townsville rang me regarding my issue and said someone would be going to do an independent inspection of my door and I would be advised accordingly. That was 1st Feb. I realise Townsville has been ravaged by floods, which is absolutely heart breaking. The report on my door was being prepared by someone in Brisbane, to date I haven’t received this report. I emailed B & D yesterday requesting a response by COB today. It’s now over 3 months since this happened.