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Road Rules


Those of us who live in the less-fascist states/territories are probably glad they don’t.

My belief is the reason comes down to each one knowing better or ‘not invented here’ …


I forget which of our members posted it although credit is due. He was in some inter-state negotiations some years ago and to paraphrase his comment,

‘When you have 6* states reps in the room, and each has it perfect already, it is hard to get any one of them to agree to anything lesser.’

* + those from ACT and NT


… and JBT - though I imagine JBT was represented by the ACT rep for obvious reasons …


Just another in a long list of quite unnecessary anomalies between States.

Somebody remind me again why we have them? Ah yes a series of historical accidents in the 19th century culminating in federation.

Somebody remind me why in more than a century we have done nothing about this absurdity? … crickets.


Ah, the sounds of summer! What message do they carry? :thinking::thinking:

You may have unintentionally stumbled on the solution there?

The states and commonwealth and territories rarely agree on anything.
They can’t even agree on which code of football to follow.

Cricket is as close as we get to a universal anything? It includes even a PMs 11 to be sure Canberra gets a look in. Sorry, that still leaves the NT, but it is still sort of subject to Canberra’s will constitutionality? :roll_eyes:

The simple resolution is that the country could be run to universal acclaim by Cricket Australia. A well connected organisation of perfect values and useful connections. It even has experience with all those international relationships to call on. For everything else “it’s just not cricket” is the answer. :wink:


A person whose name I can’t remember once said . " Australia before federation was 6 cities looking for a country …still looking ":grinning:


The US is the same with 50 states each having their unique laws for road rules and licensing for many things. eg if you are a dentist registered in Pennsylvania and wish to relocate to another state, it is probable you will have to do licensing tests just like a new graduate. All of that after 2+ centuries and counting. It seems to come with politics and ‘leadership’ aspirations. If there were no problems created and nurtured why would we ever elect anyone else? ‘It is all the oppositions fault!’ with some truth, because when they eventually achieve government nothing is done to right absurdities anyway.


And of course there are a few hundred politicians on all sides of the State houses who want to keep their job or get a job. When did anybody ever vote to abolish themselves?

You can see how we are locked solidly into the status quo. Change will never come from within. If it ever comes from outside, ie the Commonwealth, then the incumbents rebel and pull on the strings of “States’ rights” whatever that means. There are plenty of places where the feds are hated more than the capital city. WA has resurgences of secessionism whenever they are feeling hardly done by.