Rights when terms and conditions are changed *after* ticket payment but *before* an event

A few weeks ago I bought tickets to a local festival being held next month. Today I received an email saying that they had added to their terms and conditions, namely that if you and/or your children are photographed they can publish the images.

While I have no intention of doing anything with this information, I was interested in people’s thoughts on what my consumer rights are in this type of situation. Are you permitted to ask for a refund as you didn’t agree to those terms at the time of purchase?

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Quite often suppliers of services include the ability to alter the terms and conditions at their discretion. They will normally have to give notification of such changes.
You have been notified.

If you agreed to the original T and C, which had the ability to change, and that is what you agreed to, then that is what it is.

However, if fundamental things change, like the price of the ticket, or the date of the event, then you should have full recourse for a refund.

In this case it seems that some legal type has come along and told the organizer that pictures may be taken. And that could be of children, which is an issue. And those pictures could published, so better make that clear with a change to TCs notification.

Now if you are OK with that. fine. If not, cancel out and get a refund.


How best to respond to the question asked considering Australian Consumer Law?

It’s not evident which promoter/business and event is being referred to. The following offers further insight to how the industry in general might respond to a request for a refund?

Assume the purchaser of the tickets for the event checked all the applicable T&C’s at the time of purchase, and the subsequent advice received was clearly headed as an added condition.

The full code, is voluntary. The actual event organiser may or may not be a member of Live Performance Australia.

It’s possible the organiser would agree to a refund without any difficulty. It’s important in doing so to provide the supporting reasons. If not successful, it’s open for further discussion.

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