Ride on Lawn Mowers

Something a little lighter with a Lithium battery, and an Aussie owner and Korean hotpot for the battery supplier!

72V 18Ah Samsung Lithium battery.
(That’s equal to around 8 standard batteries as used on battery push mowers.)

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And cheaper…by $600.


If I was to waste so much water on lawn, surely it would be right to fill the atmosphere with exhaust gas as well? I’ll keep my John Deere LX188 thankyou - in semi-retirement as I have no lawn :wink:


Perhaps we need to take another look at the problem.

One part of this photo from the test line up represents the field of many home owners urban dreams.

Another portion looks more like our back yard.

They are of course sold as ‘residential lawn’ mowers.

Amazing the transformation the test team accomplished in just one afternoon? :rofl:


I agree with Mark M - I’m an 80 year old with 2 lawn tractors (18 & 28 HP) both bought new 20 and 10 years ago I am on a half acre block and I find that about 90% of engine hours were and are used for pulling lawn trailers - I do all my own maintenance on the mowers (recently replacing the engine of one from 23hp Kohler to a 25hp Briggs and Stratton) I really feel happy knowing I do all my own work - but I realise that I’m weird in this respect

I’m also probably also the least “green” reader of choice but I will change over to rechargeable lawn tractors in a shot as soon as a suitable one arrives - ICE lawn tractors are now walking dead - However this is not likely to happen for a few years yet
It is crucial that lithium ion batteries are installed and are of proper voltage and amp hours to do the job - Also that the wheels ant tyres are of such a size as to be suitable on lawns and slopes - Also the price for what you get is ridiculous at the moment -Au$2500 for the equivalent of a 18HP ICE lawn tractor would be a fair price and with full replacement battery packs at under $150
I remember throwing out about $1000 worth NICAD tools once I saw the benefit of lithium ion powered tools and the initial prices came down - now I mostly ignore the petrol driven equipment I have except for where heavy duty power is needed as in post hole digging and water blasting ( although even in that I like the Worx Hydroshot for low power water blasting like a/c condenser coils)

So to sum up rechargeable lawn tractors are the future BUT not for about 3-5 years

One more option - Toro eS3000. A similar style to the Ryobi available from Bunnings. Toro might say otherwise. 72V lead acid AGM battery pack, not lithium at the price point.

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Choice have previously reviewed the EGO lithium battery push mower/s. While EGO have an Australian distributor, they don’t import a full range of their US available garden equipment.

One item of interest is a 42” cut zero turn mower with 4/6 lithium batteries and a claimed 8000sqm/2acre endurance.

Pricing US$5499-$6999 or approx AU$7400-$9350 depending on exchange rate and how the taxes fall. Note ICE powered 42” zero turns locally start at around AU$5000 which may partly explain the lack of import of the better quality battery alternatives.

A lithium battery powered alternative that is available, but with just a 30” cut and lesser duty.

There is a premium for lithium battery technology in Australia. Other battery ride on options (various battery technologies) include products from Ryobi, Toro and Hasqvarna (currently not avail in Aus). It would be great to have an independent test of what is available, similar to how Choice has tested the battery push mowers. The efficiency and power of the battery models are difficult to reliably compare with the current popular petrol powered alternatives. Annually the fuel, filters, oil and other maintenance needs for a petrol mower are significant and may offset the added cost of a battery ride on. It assumes equal performance.


One more to add to the list of options for battery zero turns. I’m not one to frequent Bunnings. Perhaps some have seen these in store. I’ve yet to see one locally. Ryobi USA indicates there is also a 50” deck model.

Interesting observations the electric version is very similar in operation to a conventional ICE powered zero turn. The one major difference is the addition of a dual purpose foot and park brake.

With a kerb weight of 300kg the battery the Ryobi is 60-80kg heavier than a run of the mill John Deere.

The battery pack appears to be lead acid AGM, which are best not run to flat. Performance suggested by Bunnings.

Impressive run time with up to 2.5-3hr / 3 acres of coverage (Run time may vary depending on conditions)

3 acres is approx 1.2ha.
The battery system is nominally 5kWh of storage. Whether that is usable and corresponds to 100% dod or the pack had a hidden reserve to improve battery longevity is not mentioned.

Curiosity is to ask whether a lithium battery pack would be a better option.

The Bunnings pricing is competitive with ICE equivalents. :slightly_smiling_face:

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