Reviews of La Trobe Financial

Hello everyone, I’m not sure if this post is allowed, but I’m wondering if anyone has invested with La Trobe Financial and if you have, if you would be willing to share your reviews? Thank you. Please let me know if this post is unsuitable and I will delete it. Thank you.


Their reviews on Product Review are a clear warning.

And on Mozo.

And an article by AFR.

Caveat Emptor indeed.


Hi Fred
Thank you so much for replying. Yes I’ve seen the reviews, but they are for their home loan products, not their investment portfolio. I have a friend who has invested with them and it’s been really good. no issues with regular payments etc. and they’ve paid what they’ve promised - roughly 5%. But of course I will be extremely cautious.

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I think the investment portfolio from reading the article may be heavily invested in that “sub prime” lending. That’s a risky investment choice if we go more into a recession or even worse a depression. 5% probably reflects that high risk, even perhaps a very high risk.