Reviews for Products Sold in Foreign Lands

There have been periodic comments about product reviews from other places and their applicability to what many assume is the same or similar product in Australia. The same series is sold in the US and Australia and this from an unhappy customer, apparently lulled by a commercial review. Would these elements be a deal breaker for everyone? Not likely unless they expected the box they bought to reflect a review based on the US product. Unless the consumer asked about the features the ACL would not likely apply since the review is a third party publication. Obviously a TV (at least to some).

AU version - No HDMI 2.1
AU version - No E-ARC capability
AU version - No WISA speaker capability
AU version has VIDAA OS, US version has Android
AU version has USB 2.0, US has 3.0
A lot of the review is based on the US version. BUYER BEWARE!

It passingly brings to mind another old topic that could be relevant when we get the previous standards as the best they will sell us in some cases.

A cynic could think they repackage/rebadge last years model/series as this years for ‘3rd market’ regions.