Retirees being denied credit

Just read in the money section of the SMH today (26feb23) - an article by Noel Whittaker that a reader told him about a credit card that anyone can apply. He tried it (in the interest of research!) and it worked. It is the Coles No Annual Fee Platinum MasterCard (an NAB card administered by Citi). He suggested retirees should have a go at this card and see. Good luck everyone who is interested.
[PS - I have now successfully applied and received CommBank ultimate card - in my own name (hubby is my additional cardholder). He has a credit card with another bank in his name (I am his additional cardholder). if i had not got approved for the ultimate card, I would have a crack at the Coles one.]


I went to increase my credit limit on my Commonwealth Visa card to $4000 from $2000 and was told this could not happen as I was retired. It had nothing to do with my income or previous credit record. In other words “No reason for it, its just policy” Next port of call was the Bendigo bank. I have a long standing relationship with the Bendigo, but no existing credit card. I was told they would approve a credit card if I had a Centerlink income stream (my superanuated income stream is too high to qualify for this)…In other words, I had too much money! This is Crazy AGEISM at play!