Retire stress free

Upfront I can tell you that I am a participant in the Racing industry (horseracing magazine editor) and also a “sophisticated” stockmarket investor. In my Racing role I trained Professional Punters in an industry where less than 3% of punters can overcome the tax burdens which make the TAB and bookmakers profitable.

The point is the number of profitable Racing punters , even with long term training and experience is small. Trading in the Stockmarket is not much better, especially FX or futures trading. Very few succeed yet recently I have seen multiple ads featuring two people approaching retirement asking “how can we get more money to fund our retirement” Naturally the spokesperson promotes their training programs and how “anyone” can make money with periodic investments that make money when the market goes up and when the market goes down. And if you register for their free booklet you could win an investment training package worth $7500 This to me was a signal that their package would be the onsell.

My takes is that the ads are targeted at retirees who are mostly unequipped for this sort of investing.

Most investors can do well with ‘periodic’ investment amounts.
It is called dollar cost averaging. For a given dollar amount, when the price is high you get less of something, and when the price is low you get more of something.
You do not need an expensive course to teach that.

For retirees, the risks of direct investment verses super have many variables. The majority of Aussies are not so well off to be able to make complex choices.

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The following offers some insights to the complexity of the issues in planning for retirement.

The course is part of the scam in my opinion.

As you are in the racing industry @smithy777 you must have seen the guaranteed betting systems that have been spruiked over the years.
Always seemed blatantly obvious to me they were at best useless, and at worst scams.
If they really worked, then who would want to share their secrets?