Research Shows Broccoli Helps Prevent Cancer

An interesting article regarding research into eating broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables helps to prevent cancer developing by inhibiting an enzyme.

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“But don’t head to the farmer’s market just yet; first author Yu-Ru Lee, Ph.D., a member of the Pandolfi lab, notes you’d have to eat nearly 6 pounds of Brussels sprouts a day—and uncooked ones at that—to reap their potential anti-cancer benefit.”

Once workmates discovered your little dietary quirk you would never have to push into a crowded lift at 8:55 am again, the multitudes would part like the red sea as they all recalled that they had to get the other lift. And you wouldn’t have to buy psyllium or fibre enhanced bread, you would be speedier than that famous American racehorse Hoof-Hearted.