Request for 'update or test' flag for posts in other topics

There are a number of good posts in various topics that ask for updates to Choice statements, guides, tests, etc, but the posts don’t always fit ‘request a test’ and are more appropriate elsewhere since they add to topical discussions.

@mark_m’s recent post in the now renamed Aged Care: Royal Commission and Beyond is a case in point.

Tags are not the answer because it is for a particular post rather than the topic doing the asking. Giving such requests visibility to Choice as requests could be done by adding a special ‘Update Request’ flag, or making a special user such as @ChoiceUpdateRequest that gets referenced, or making a special hashtag to bring attention to the post.

The topic on cocoa is another example where @phb made a request in Hot Chocolate Review but then had to replicate it in Cocoa Powder Test Request.


Great suggestion! I like the idea of being able to refer to a specially created user. This would allow a degree of flexibility in the future if other such double issue posts turned up. I would also suggest @ChoiceRequestAtest, and I’m sure other suggestions will appear.


I think it is a great idea too. Would simplify the process. It would also be good if flags could be filtered or avreport done to obtain a compiled listl


You’ve won me.

I was looking at the various options for my post re Aged Care content,
and to discuss briefly the need or merits or not, to revisit and update.It seemed to fit and then not fit several slots.

We are still learning first hand, as is the RC, what many others appear to already know.


Good suggestion. Currently, it’s flagging with a CHOICE staff member directly (especially Jim or myself) means that requests will get raised on our internal networks (and we’ll continue to do this). I wonder if there is scope here to create a ‘Request a Test’ style Champion role to play an organisational role in terms of identifying and collating the requests? If that is of interest let me know.


I think that is a good idea as there could be many that would otherwise slip through the cracks,


That works but it is manual. Creating a flag or special username only requires a single search function to collate.


Shouldn’t be a problem to implement this aspect :+1: