Reposit, Diamond Energy & Powershop

I read the Choice article below and noticed a thing called Reposit.

“Then there are the dividends paid by his Reposit monitoring system, an $800 extra that pushes the price up to $1 per kilowatt-hour when demand on the electrical grid is high. During hot weather, for instance.

“There’s a peak event on the network and [electricity companies] ask batteries to start dispatching power, so it’s kind of like a little power station if you like.”

The Reposit add-on is one reason why Nick could end up paying his system off much earlier than projected. Another has to do with the capacity of his solar array, which at 5kW is larger than the 4kW arrays used for modelling.”

The Reposit website lists Diamond Energy and Powershop as being participating energy retailers in Qld. I don’t know if that includes the Ergon Energy monopoly in regional Qld.

Product Review has 4.1 star rating for Diamond Energy from 73 reviews and a mere 2.7 star rating for Powershop from 328 reviews.

Has anyone had any experience with Reposit, Diamond Energy or Powershop?

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I am not too sure about Reposit or Diamond Energy but certainly Powershop has been discussed in some topics. I would suggest searching for those terms individually and see what results you get. As far as Powershop goes I then suggest you private message some of their users who had topic entries and I’m sure you will get some good feedback. Hope that helps. To give you a couple I could find: