Replacing Gas Hot Water and Heating

It may be of interest to others in the community to point out some examples of products. From publications such as Renew or the Manufacturer/Brand supplier.

Yes, here is an example from Stiebel Eltron
of a heat pump. And this was the article about using existing ductwork.

I would need 3 of them to heat my home*. I did a web search to find a 30kw heat/cool/water unit and the first hit is from the EU. It requires 3 phase 380~420v power.

It is good to look behind the curtains on installation requirements vis a vis the target premises and infrastructure. Electric is good but perhaps ‘we’ may have read how fragile some claim our grid operation is in these times?

* I have a 30kw condensing gas fired hydronic boiler but did not take up the water option since the hot water service was only 2 years old when the boiler needed replacing.

How much will it cost me to ditch gas entirely?

A view from the SMH including a summary of government subsidies.

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I’d go for it except the rebates are sbstantial for those of us who are truly low income. and I will be long gone before I derive benefit from the current options in NSW. I was going to get the bottom mount LG fridge they are/were offering as a cheap replacement for the fridge I have… at the time I looked into it first your fridge had to be a minimum of 6 years old. Went back to the site and found that it had changed to 10 years old. Mine will be 10 years old next year, by which time I expect that the scheme will have stopped, or the fridge would need to be 15 years old. Cant beat city hall, so to speak.

The place to go for information on all issues about transferring off gas to electric is My Efficient Electric Home Facebook group (currently over 67,000 members).