Repetitive ads on catch up TV


We rarely watch live TV, if at all, because A, there’s nothing really worth watching anymore and B, if there is something worth watching, it’s usually on at a time that’s inconvenient for us. Plus we recently went on a week long family holiday, so we use catch up TV apps, usually via the Playstation 4 or the Telstra TV device we were given by Telstra when we signed on to the NBN.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the concept of the catch up TV apps and I’m very happy to use them but, OH… MY… GOSHNESS!!! The adverts are SOOOO repetitive. Usually you get the same one or two ads for the entire show and if you’re really lucky you’ll get the same advert played not once, but twice, back to back in succession in the same ad break, and if there are no ads for them to show you, you’ll get the same two or three catch up TV ads over and over and over!!! Being an app you’d think it would realise that after all this time, no matter how many times they show it to me, I’m simply not interested in watching Manu Fielding’s Back In France show. If I was, then the app would see that I’ve actually bothered to look the show up and take a look at it!!!

Rant over. I don’t mind ads, because they pay for what I’m watching for free, but seriously, don’t do saturation advertising so much!!! It spoils the moment.


Agree. Some nights on the commercial Freeview catch up stations one will get the same advertisement 3-4 times in a row and then in every commercial slot through the program.

Sometimes there are no adverts as well…which we find far more enjoyable and not as annoying.

I suspect that it comes down to who has paid for the advertisement through the catch up service…and if there is only a limited number…and a lot to broadcast as part of the commercial advert arrangements, one gets multiple adverts.

I wonder if the advertiser is aware that this occurs an that a reduced number of viewers is getting swamped with their advert quota.

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Saturation advertising has always made me want to boycott whatever product or service is being force fed into my face. I can’t imagine it’s a very effective way of marketing when all it really does is annoy the @#$^ out of people.

The volume levels of some of the catch up TV ads are extremely loud as well and we have to mute the TV while the things are on in order to preserve the use of our eardrums. Most are at the same volume level as the show we’re catching up on, but some are loud enough to blow the froth off your beverage while you’re still pouring it in the other room during the commercial break.


uBlock may help with this. I find while using it on my Browser I can watch a number of Catch Up sites like SBS On Demand without the ads.

We watch via the PS4 and Telstra TV apps. No blockers available and I’d rather encourage the free catch up TV options by letting the ads play out so that the companies that pay for the things actually have to pay for the things. It would just be a lot better if the volume and quantity of repetitive ads were regulated to control the mega saturation advertising and the mega loud advertising. When I were a pup growing up watching tv in the 70s and 80s the government had regulations to prevent these exact things from being unleashed onto us. Eventually a government came in who said sod the regulations and ever since Harvey Norman ads have been shouting at us and we now have channels dedicated to showing nothing but ads. The regulations were there for a reason and now it’s a free for all we’re getting bombarded with both the repetitive and extra loud varieties, even more so with the catch up TV apps.

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I just can’t do it - haven’t watched commercial television or pay tv for many years. Having no time (working full time, single dad, etc) certainly helps - but if I suddenly had bundles of spare time, watching television would be the last thing I’d do with it …

On the rare occasion I’ve seen it in a waiting room or someone else’s house (in passing) I just can’t get my head around how anyone can concentrate in between the constant puerile adverts …


Ive noticed the same ads playing over and over on certain catch up tv apps too. I use my smart tv to watch them. In the past I’ve tweeted the particular network and tagged the particular company the ad is for (for ads tat are actually flogging products, nit the network shows). I never get a reply from them, but those ads mysteriously disappear the next time I use the catch up service, and there is more variety.

There’s a uBlock and an unrelated uBlock Origin. Which one do you use?

uBlock Origin with Reek’s addon to block anti ad-blockers

Thanks grahroll I’ll give it a go. I have Adblock Plus but it only seems to block ads on Plus7, not on SBS, 9 or 10.

Ahh you might want to not use Reek’s one anymore as they have stopped updating it. In the list just above Reek’s one you will see two items I have included a jpg of it.

You will need to install tampermonkey to Firefox, Chrome or whichever browser you use. Then tick both entries as seen in the jpg and you will need to install the script to run it from

You will also need to uninstall ABP as uBlock Origin takes over that duty for you. Just select the lists you want to use from uBlock Origins dashboard: I currently use everything in the uBlock lists except the Experimental one, EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Malware Domain List, Malware Domains and finally Peter Lowe’s Ad and Tracking Server List

Wow, we just changed from the PlusSeven catch up app to the TenPlay catch up app and they have even LOUDER ads, one of them being a Telstra ad that was not cranked up so loud when viewed via the Seven app. And yep, TEN repeats their ads a lot too, in the same break. We’re definitely being put off of products because of the need to find the mute button all of a sudden when the loud ones burst forth, and being forced to watch the same ad a couple of times in a row. Why would they think this is a good strategy to pull in customers???

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I’ve also found if I just missed say 10 mins or so of the live show & try to start at that point on catchup I had to sit through 15 mins of queued ads before it plays from the point I am after. Is that a bug or the way it’s meant to be? I just gave it a miss altogether when I discovered that.

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I found that happens when watching via the laptop. Haven’t tried it with the Apps. We find it easier not to watch the live versions and just wait for the app to catchup.

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This is planned as they run all the ads that would have appeared to that point. On some of them you can see little markers on the timeline that show where the ads will or should occur.

uhuh - what I figured though from a UI & acceptance point of view it’s dumb. I’d be happy to sit through the ad segment prior to the point at which I start but to queue them all - pffft, just makes you forget it altogether instead.