Renovation 'Greenwash'

Hi everyone!

I’m a CHOICE features writer and I’m seeking out a person to speak to who, during a recent renovation, has been tricked by a company or manufacturer into buying a product (paint, appliance, timber, insulation, solar panels etc.) for its green credentials, only to discover it’s not all that environmentally friendly at all!

I want to share your experience with other CHOICE readers in an article about how to actively avoid greenwashed products when renovating.

Can you help?


Hello Kylie. I just suggested retrofitted double glazing as a research topic, as I have been disappointed with mine. I don’t consider that I was tricked, but I guess I wasn’t critical enough in my questions. I thought they knew what they were doing, although I was worried that their idea of double glazing was different to what I had enjoyed overseas. The gap between the panes is only 8 mm, compared with 20 or 30 that I have seen elsewhere, and there are massive thermal bridges throughout the frames. The inside and outside metal should be insulated from each other, but mine are continuous.

I don’t know if my experience matches what you are looking for, but them’s my thoughts anyway. Cheers.


Thank you so much for your response, Maggie! I sincerely appreciate it. I’ll chat with the editor early next week and let you know as soon as possible whether your experience with double-glazing will work with our renovation greenwashing story.



Here’s @KylieMatthews article on greenwashing, including what to look for when buying green products for your renovation.