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Refusing inspection when leaving Bunnings



If I’m leaving a shop with a bag, I’ll offer it for inspection (assuming there’s someone around to offer it to). It’s just courtesy.


It occurred to me today there is an aspect of bag checking that wasn’t discussed anywhere in this thread. The wellbeing of staff.

In most major supermarkets and lots of chain stores, ordinary staff are responsible for checking bags rather than a trained security guard. This is a problem as:

  • There’s no guarantee they’ve received training in what they can and can’t legally do, making them vulnerable to getting into legal trouble
  • They are put at risk when customers who are up to no good become violent or threatening and have no self defense training or equipment
  • They’re not being paid sufficiently for that duty as security receive a higher pay under standard awards
  • It puts them under far more pressure than a casual sales assistant should be under, especially when people refuse or become irritated at inspections. No one wants to feel like they’re stuffing up their job!

With that in mind does anyone respond differently if it’s a security person asking to check their bag vs a regular staff member?


No - both have no more or less authority than any normal non-LEO person. I think it’s fair to be about attitude, with the customer the mirror …


I find staff members usually apologetic and non-threatening. When a uniformed ‘security officer’ does it I find it intimidating rather than businesslike but dependant on the demeanour of the security person. If ‘he’ comes with ‘authority’ it puts me off big time. If ‘he’ comes with ‘it is my job, may I’ or ‘humility’ I have no problem.