Red Copper 5 Minute Chef - device faulty reports

We received a report that the Red Copper 5 Minute Chef “popped loudly and the contents went flying around the kitchen” when used. If anyone has similar experiences with this kitchen product, please let us know.


Not me, and not likely to … Amazon have some stories :slight_smile:

Nice video (go to around 03:15 and again around 05:11) you can see the gap increasing as the pressure builds:

Finall, Australia Post is selling these things?

… is that proof they don’t deliver :rofl:


Wow :open_mouth:

I had a quick Google and it seemed like there was more than a few problems happening with the device, but I hadn’t seen the exploding video. Thanks for sharing @draughtrider, I’ve also passed this on to our investigations team.


Wow, this has a huge design fault which is a real safety issue. Imagine a child standing next to it and having 100°C+ omelette or other cooked foods thrown onto the child face (which is a highly likely proposition as a child’s eye level would be about the same height as the Red Copper sitting on a standard kitchen bench).

This one needs a mandatory recall to protect its users.


We own one and have never had a problem. But I think what the problem could be is that people lock it when they close it. The instructions as don’t lock it because the omelette rises.


Here are the instructions from the Canadian distributor of the Red Copper 5 minute Chef can be found here:

See How to Use step 6 (which the instructions state "these instructions show how to use this product for making an omelets’)… This is step 6:

These instructions are different to those in the FAQ on the Australian distributor website, namely:

**Q: Can I lock the Red Copper 5 Minute Chef when I am cooking? **
No. The appliance should not be locked when it is on. Only use the latch at the front of the appliance for easy storage when not in use.

It would be interesting if someone can take a picture of the instructions included with that sold in Australia to see what they say.


If you go to the au website in the FAQ is says to not lock while cooking

If I get a chance I will try to find our instructions somewhere at home. But I can say that we read them and it says the same thing


Very intersting, thanks for the additional detective work. The initial report we received indicated that the person had been using the latch while cooking, and that the device had blown open anyway. They tried again thinking they may not have latched it correctly and the same thing happened.


Obviously the latch is the key. I wonder if the original design intended the latch to be used while cooking or was just a storage convenience and whether a subsequent revision in the instruction manual ‘fixed the problem’ so to speak. It seems likely people are assuming the latch should be used, and (who knew) they don’t read the instructions :slight_smile:

Perhaps it needs a heat activated automatic unlatching mechanism … or an override or loud buzzer that sounds if it is switched on with the latch engaged … or maybe people should read the instructions …


This is the instructions received in the aus box. Clearly states don’t lock the latch


Great to know you should not lock the latch when cooking! That would be an admission by the manufacturer, importer, distributor it is a hazard if it is latched while cooking. Is the hazard self evident? Probably not for many of us as users.

Relying on a procedure to reduce or eliminate the risk of injury and clearly in this instance users with a wide range or varying life skills?

Not in Australia?
Not today?

I too would hope there is enough here to,lead to a mandatory recall.


We looked into the Red Copper 5 Minute chef and here’s what we found: