Recycling doona

Does anyone know if I can recycle my duck down doona. I live on the Mornington Peninsula and cannot travel to Melbourne.


And any other types of doona fillings too please - a bit bulky for landfill & the recycling bin…

Interesting question and I haven’t heard of anyone taking old doonas and recycling them.

Options may include:

  • contacting specialist adventure gear stores to see if they know of are interested in recycling the feather
  • putting an advertisement on GumTree/MarketPlace to see if anyone needs down feather doona (for free). If one is reconditioning their own doona or down products (e.g. sleeping bag) or making a down item, they might be interested. If you know the grade of down, it would help informing others when advertising.

Polyester/wool fillings can be used for pillows/craft so maybe ask a local craft group or also advertise online like for the down.

Let us know how you get on…


You can get doonas and pillows rejuvenated. As an example Superior Quilt in Reservoir does good work on down pillows in my experience for very reasonable prices. I note you cannot travel to Melbourne, but search for a closer provider if that might be an interesting proposition.


Thanks very much for all your suggestions. I am not very mobile and the covering of the doona is stained despite dry cleaning, so some of these do not work for me. I have found out from my local Lincraft store that homeless shelters will take it. Op shops won’t.


Thanks fantastic and far better than seeing it go to landfill.