Recalled: 80,000 pool fence latches

Bunnings Warehouses pool fence latches have been recalled. REplacement locks will be mailed to affected customers, but if you have one of the following models make sure you secure your pool in the interim.

Recalled models include:

The recalled latches are:

  • SafeTech Top Pull Pool Gate Latch (Key Lockable)
  • G8Safe Top Pull Pool Gate Latch (Key Lockable)
  • SafeTech TriLatch (Key Lockable)
  • G8Safe TriLatch (Key Lockable)

These products are also available for purchase as part of the following kits:

  • SafeTech Trade Packs (Key Lockable)
  • G8Safe Megapack (Key Lockable)

Full details:


We have one of the affected pool gates. So a trip to Bunnings. They knew nothing about it, I directed them to the Choice article. A few phone calls around the company and I was told that it wasn’t their issue, that I had to get on to the supplier G8 Safe, that they thought a replacement was being mailed to us. Given we didn’t supply an address when purchased at Bunnings, that was amazing.

This is the G8 notice
I didn’t look to see if they were still for sale - maybe another day.


Here is the recall notice with information about the recall and process for resolution.

It may he worthwhile for Choice to include the link to the recall notice in the above and other articles about product recalls to allow consumers ready access to the information/details about the recall and also how to seek resolution.


I like asking for statements like this in writing. Rarely results in anything useful but it’s fun to see the minions scurry and escalation take place … just ask lots of questions. Recording with your phone can be fun too - just voice, let them tell you authoritatively what the story is before you tell them you are recording and watch what direction they pedal - you don’t even need to be recording. Where I live, it is ‘legal’ to covertly record a conversation you are directly a party to - your mileage might vary …

I’m a little surprised Bunnings can sidestep this - but the link @phb posted makes it look like they can?

All that aside, I’ve usually found Bunnings to be responsive to consumer stuff generally - returns, problems, etc.


An update on the process. Went to the website which only asked for a name, phone and email, with a drop down box for when is the best time to ring - only 2 choices, morning or afternoon. I chose morning. They rang afternoon, twice, when we were not in. Then they emailed. I replied by email confirming it was the recalled latch we were enquiring about and supplying our address. They replied that it would be 6-8 weeks before a replacement was available. That was 13th April. Will see what turns up mid-late June.


The delay while not as bad as Takata Airbags still is a very long wait for what is essentially mandated safety equipment. I know there are ways to mitigate the problem but it still is not a good look on the part of the manufacturer.


Another update - 11 June 2018 - the replacement mechanism turned up in our letter box. 8 weeks 3 days.