Reasonable or ridiculous?

Some comsumers pushing the boundaries…


The RSL is far more gracious than I’d have been - what a clown.

I think I’d have found a creative way to cut the new roll in halves that might not quite approximate a straight line …


It reminded me of the sort of complaint I would make to my parents of they cut a treat in half to share with a sibling, and it was not exactly in half.

Our parents got around this when we could hand a knife by saying the one who didn’t use the knife gets to chose the half they wanted to eat. Problem solved.

Fortunately as I get older, I realised that size doesn’t really matter at the end of the day…


Ridiculous. That’s a 5mm difference.You would need a ruler to be more precise and that would be inefficient and only good for OCD sufferers.

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Shame on those who left unpleasant and negative comments about someone speaking up about poor service and unfair treatment . I am supporting this person because I have been made to put up with this behavior by others for most of my life - and - "I’m not taking it anymore!!!

Here is just one tiny example that just slips by and is expected to be ignored by the recipient :

As a female I am fed up with ordering a meal and paying for it, only to see when said meal arrives, that my male dining companion (who also ordered an identical meal and paid identical amount) receives a considerably larger meal than me. When I’ve commented I have noticed that -

My companion makes no comment and avoids eye contact with me, effectively ‘disowning me’
The serving staff ignore me
Other customers act the same

An occasional female customer will quietly mutter something like “yeah, it’s not fair”, or “I’ sick of it too”.

I don’t yell, have a tantrum, swear or act up. I act like a 60+ year old lady should. I just make my complaint quietly to the counter staff. Twice I have asked to actually be refunded 25% of the cost since my meal was about 25% smaller. This has had to be handled by the manager. One of them actually apologized and refunded me, the other silently added another fish portion to match what my male companion had received

Unfortunately, my ‘bloke’ likes to go there, and I’ve had to decline to eat there as I will not tolerate being treated as second best, having heard that their serving size is still determined by gender.

If I was your partner I would be equally if not more as upset as I regularly enjoy my wife’s left overs :slightly_smiling_face:

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