Really disappointed the widespread high Discounts; First Time and disloyal Customer

Anyone else find it very sad and disappointing when discounts are only available to the disloyal customers.
I think of Aussie Farmers Direct (RIP) and HelloFresh as strong examples

First orders seem to be 50% off or even 100% free

When I am loyal I get charged 100%
when I cancel get 50% next order


Woolies rewards is another interesting example - I see the promotions coming through on email for 4 other people in my family, interesting how the enticements get more, well - enticing, the less you spend … much lower triggers to get rewards, bigger rewards, rewards more often. Spend a lot, regularly, and you are less of a target for enticements, and smaller ones when you do get them …


Many other consumer sectors are similar.

Insurance, banking, utilities etc are other examples where new customers can be offerred discounts which can’t be taken up by their existing customers. Often the advertising assoicated with the new customer offer is explicit in saying that it is not available fo existing customers. One would think that loyality should be rewarded…but where customer numbers means potentially bigger profits, it is ppssibly done for the shareholders benefit (higher number of customers is seen as positive news in the market).

Most business will also offer discounts if a regular/loyal customer indicates that they plan to change to another service provider. Again, this is more about maintaining customer base than rewarding loyal customers.


FWIW some companies empower their CSO’s to respond favourably, and some you need to ask for the ‘customer retention manager/department’. I have also encountered a few companies that were happy for me to walk rather than giving me the ‘new customer perk’.


That the point really you are not really loyal if you have to resort to saying you will leave,

I want to see more of prices ‘decreasing from the advertised price’ over time

There are some online shopping companies I see these days where
setup auto repeat retail purchase and get 10% or 20% off and discount increases over the number of repeat orders

First order $100
Set auto repeat $90 for 4 repeats, $80 after 4th repeat