RazorMate & RazorPit

I’m not sure about ladies toilets, but in shopping centres the walls where gentlemen (and others) stand are adorned with advertising. Talk about having a captive audience in hand!

One of the the most pernicious and long lasting ads is for the razor mate shaver sharpener. For those who don’t know, the Razor Mate claim is "_ **‘Shave Yourself A Fortune’**It cleans and sharpens your razor so that it can be used for months on end._ " & “”

I have looked at a variety of men’s razors and they all have the blades embeded into raised & protruding sides. For example:

razor%20head%20(1) razor%20head%20(2)

This means that when the razor is put onto a hard non-pliable surface which is wider than the razor, the blades do not actually touch. Therefore, it is not possible for the blades to be sharpened because there is no contact.

In the interests of science, I even tried stropping my blades with a belt which was narrower and fitted between the protruding sides. It did have a mimimal effect, but not enough to make it worth doing as a matter of course. When I looked more closely, the leather was hardly contacting the blades because of the (lubrication?) strips on the top and bottom.

The other thing I noticed on the above link is that all the questions seemed to be tersely answered from overseas, and the veracity of the responses leaves great doubts in my mind.

While looking I also came across the RazorPit which has even more incredible claims: " Up to 150 Shaves with one Razor Blade. On average users get 6 times the number of shaves compared to not using the RazorPit.".

Personally, I think both these products have whiskers on them, and if it actually works please let me know how. Otherwise, I would like to nominate them for Shonkies!


Thanks for the nomination, I’ll be sure to pass this on :+1: