Raw Meat Vending Machines

Just when you thought you had seen everything, there are now raw meat vending machines.


I recall reading an article 20 years ago regarding the fact that many US residents could not cook for themselves so that developers were building apartments without a proper kitchen. They were merely providing the space for the fridge and the microwave.

Perhaps Joshua Applestone might need to refine his machines to dispense cooked meats.


I am not sure if I would use one for meats. I prefer to see what meat I am buying before making a purchase. I am also sure others would be the same. For example, some prefer a lean cut, while others prefer one with some fat to add flavour, juiciness, etc.

I imagine it would be a bit of a hit and miss to whether it meets one own personal preferences, but if the same quality meat if discharged every time, one would know after the first purchase if it suits their needs.

Also if it is catering for the out of shop hours munchies (as indicated on the linked article), maybe personal preferences are less important. Satisifying those munchies at say 2am may be more important.


Yuck what a horrible idea.


Has anyone checked to see if the Japanese are also onto this. Given they have vending machines that provide hot burgers, hot fries, hot dogs and cold beer surely a cooked steak medium rare should be the minimum expectation? And there would be a choice of red wine as well.

Sensibly the vending machines In Japan on our last visit did not offer fresh sushi or sashimi. It remains unlikely raw meat will be added to the options.

Vending raw meat adds one more argument to travel anywhere other than the USA?


It would take some time to catch on and one could reasonably question the need, but. The more curious part is that in many places across the US some groceries are open 24 x 7 or near enough. I struggle to imagine waking up at 02:30 and suddenly having an insatiable craving for steak and keen enough to run off to a machine and come home to cook it, or how many night workers want to buy meat on the way home? In either case we are accustomed to viewing product, so it would need to be universally top quality to pass muster. Probably also top priced.

Coles and Woolies already sell shrink wrapped premium meats with comparatively long use-by dates. While at first it seems an appalling option to vend fresh meat, why not if the product is appropriately packaged and the refrigeration is good?

Would I buy? Probably not.


As our local Supa IGA, where we buy most of our meat, is open from 5:00 AM to Midnight, 364 days a year, we probably would never need the services of a meat vending machine, and we always have some meat we have bought on special and/or markdown in the freezer.

It does not take long to thaw out a piece of wrapped meat in some water in the sink, but if one was in a desperate hurry, one could try what a mate of mine did after his bucks’ party around 45 years ago.

We were starving at around 1:30AM and there was nothing open in Cairns at that hour back then so he took a couple of steaks out of the freezer and placed them straight in the frying pan.

I don’t know whether they tasted so good because we had had a skinful or because the Braham cross rubbish which was all we could buy back then was so bad that cooking it frozen made no difference.


I can’t imagine myself having cravings either at 2.30am…let alone then going home, firing up the BBQ or pan and then cooking it…it would then be time for an early breakfast.

If the vending machine cooked the meat to perfection and then added say toast bread either side, sauce, grilled onions, fried eggs and maybe some salad, then it would have the potential to really take off.


Sounds like the burger Maccas 24hr opening sites need to serve.


Don’t they have kangaroos (ahem) I mean buffalo wandering the streets in the US? couldn’t you just … oh, wait …