Rancid peanut butter

Do not buy “Wellness Road” peanut butter from Coles health section it is rancid
bought just recently 1-2 weeks ago it has ‘best before’ 20/4/22 B906 18:41on label


Hi @bmarkiv2, welcome to the community and thanks for letting everyone know about your recent peanut butter purchase.

Did you take it back to Coles to let them know that you believe the peanut butter may be unfit for human consumption? You should have received a refund.

Also, returning the peanut butter allows Coles to determine if your jar was a one off (such as the lid not being sealed on the peanut butter’s production) or a batch issue where the whole batch may be of similar quality. If it is batch issue, then they may withdraw this batch from sale and/or instigate a recall.


yes I have done that before…rancid ghee, bag of Brazil nuts, bag of cashews they didn’t have any taste it was like eating cardboard, Jazz apples which definitely were not this seasons, I only bought 2 so I didn’t want to run back with one apple…and the list goes on…

I usually buy big bags of nuts but from now I will be buying small bags…
I always get funny looks they have to get someone from the back (manager?)
and it is always a painful process …

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