RACO Customer Support

This is not a complaint but a compliment :slight_smile:
Our two-year old RACO electric kettle was replaced under warranty despite it having expired on 15 December 2017. Our model is no longer available nor, I presume, are the lids which is what our problem was about. So they gave us the choice of the three current models, worth up to $200, and shipped our choice free-of-charge in a few days.
We’ve had a number of instances over the years when the product failed shortly after the warranty expired. So this outcome is all the more pleasing.

We have had great experiences with RACO customer support over the years – another was when seeking a saucepan knob replacement due to a worn thread, the whole lid was replaced.

The company is now owned by Myer and it’s gratifying to see that their great customer support has not disappeared with the change of ownership.


Thanks for writing a positive story. Glad they came through for you.


I’ve had great service from them in the past too, when they replaced an old (but with a ‘lifetime’ guarantee) saucepan with a bubble in the base layers with a brand new top range one.