Quontum stickers

Does anyone know who Quontum stickers are? I have been asked to acept money from a Jake. Which I’m not till i know why this money is being sent.

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Hi @christinejunewhite, Quontum is a clothing shop in the UK. It could be a scam, and if so you can report it here: https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/report-a-scam

O. K. Got the name wrong it’s quantam code. Thanks for the info. Although i think it started as the other.

It seems to be a trading software scam. Google “quantam code” for more information,

Guessed that i had another post hiden in a you tube post. The group seem to have porn and gambling sites. When i said i was under 18 they still tried to get me to accept the site.
It came from a post my cousin sent me when i commented that it was a scam and they should check their bank balance it diappeared. No problem since apart from virgin finance trying to sell me a loan.
I explained the situation and haven’t heard from them since.