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Quantum Hot Water Heat Pumps

I have had two Quantum hot water heat pumps installed at my property in Torquay, Victoria within 12 years. I’m now needing to replace the 2nd unit and will not purchase another Quantum product. Seeking advice for a better and more reliable brand for the Victorian climate.


Quantum certainly do not rate very highly on Product Review.

We had a Saxon heat pump at our previous residence which was fantastic but unfortunately they went out of business.

Here is an article regarding heat pumps which includes Reclaim which offers a stainless steel tank model.

And some other models with stainless steel tanks.

A stainless steel tank system does not need a sacrificial anode which must be regularly replaced to avoid the tank being destroyed by corrosion.

Choice has the following guide to reliability, a few years old, but worth a read. It also links to the buying guide.

I would tend not to recommend any company having “quantum” in its name - the word is so misused that it suggests the company is simply seeking attention and has no idea what its own name actually means.

The same argument applies with companies that use words such as “synergy” and other jargon, and in some cases even “natural”. Greenwashing impresses me as little as does jargon.

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Thanks very much for all of your informed comments. I am leaning heavily towards a Reclaim Energy Hot Water Heat Pump although they appear to be a bit on the expensive side.


Assume you have multiple quotes - different brands, as well as several for that brand from their local installers. It is an interesting combination that appears to use a repurposed proprietary RC air conditioner outdoor unit.

It may be wise to also consider international brand products for price and performance, alongside any more locally branded products! A warranty is only as good as the longevity of the local supplier or importer/manufacturer.

Are you able to share any thoughts on why the Reclaim Energy branded product is a better choice for yourself needs. EG warranty, manufacturer, product time in the market, other?

There are a number of Australia only companies in the market place. The principal elements of the systems are typically imported, hence the products origins despite the Aussie-ness of the supplier is mostly foreign.

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I purchased and had installed a 320 litre Reclaim Heat Pump hot water Unit late July. I have a 3kW solar system and I am STILL sending almost half of it back daily to the grid even with the Reclaim running from 10am to around 12.30pm at the latest during the day. The Unit takes most of its power from my solar with a VERY small dent. I am seriously pleased that I shut off my gas! I have literally saved myself over $400 in gas bill I would have received.
I have been recording solar and metered electricity data twice a day for this entire cycle just to make sure what I am talking about.


Welcome to the community @Ferretqueen.
It’s always helpful for others when there is something to share.
315l is on the larger size of systems that might suit a family of 4 or more.

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