QR Code for COVID

In WA we have a mandatory Q Code or form filling for most places. However, I and many other have serious issues trying to get it to work. Can anyone explain the process.
Is real-time access to a central database required, or is it an offline process?
Does it require Wifi? and/or Mobile data? If optional what are the pros and cons?
How should you set up your Android, I hardly ever use mobile data, mainly free Wifi, for mapping.

There are two separate but very frustrating issues:
Often it requests login and password, although the instructions only mention such a need for initial a/c setup or editing. As we are all told to have unique difficult to remember passwords, can be very embarrassing when you are at the front of a queue!
Secondly, it fails to recognise the Q Code image, so requests a re-scan, and again, and again…


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