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Qld Government Stupidity Strikes Again

An article regarding the incompetence and stupidity of the Qld Government.


Another case of absolute stupidity by the Qld Government.


The optics are never going to be good but the full situation may be more complex.

“I would like my car park back, basically,” he said

Reality check: It isn’t your car park. You don’t own it or have any right to use it. The Qld government owns it.

I would assume that the real problem is that there are more cars than car spaces - maybe there are more units than car spaces - and that because it is public housing, a unit does not come with an entitlement to use a specific car space (or necessarily even an entitlement to use a car space at all).

It looks to me that the Qld government is going to need a better water blaster. :wink:

Some Public Unit complexes do have dedicated parking spots for units. They then also supply some visitors parking and disabled spots. Often what happens is that some residents have more than 1 car which then means the extra spaces are used. Even if a parking spot is allocated to a Unit some residents just occupy the spot without regard to those it was allotted to.

But if was removed due to it was discriminatory to able bodied this seems very perverse.

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In a strata scheme the provision of visitor and other parking form part of the site building approvals. Subsequently the bylaws or rules for the property. It does seem an unusual outcome.

Is it the government of the day at fault or a department officer/manager making a poor decision? Likely a situation that could have been avoided. The ABC did report.

*Queensland Minister for Housing Leeanne Enoch told ABC Radio Brisbane in a statement that the matter was being reviewed. *

“I’m concerned about the situation that has been described and I think the wrong decision was made in removing the car parks,” Ms Enoch said.

"I am advised that an assessment is currently underway for a designated car park.

“I have asked the Director-General to review the department’s policy on car parks for social housing tenants to ensure it is contemporary and provides adequate support for people with disability.”

Hopefully promptly remedied.

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The stupidity came back to bite the fools.

Pity there is no mention of how many units there are, how many disabled residents there are, and how many car parks there are.

It is made to read as thought he is the only disabled resident in the complex.

Nonetheless, a great outcome for him.


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The way I read the article - there is more than one disabled unit, his neighbour is in a wheelchair. It appears his mother took a photo of an able bodied (ie no disabled tag) car parked in the disabled bay and this may have led to the Dept approaching the offender. This gave rise to a complaint - or maybe just a public servant deciding to make the problem go away by making all parking spots available to all. Obviously the wider, under cover, closer to the building parking spots are more desirable and therefore used first. If street parking is tight it wouldn’t surprise me if neighbouring houses parked in there too.

The police are the only ones who can issue fines for mis-use of disabled parking spots. It is the same problem at other “private” car parks, eg supermaket car parks, where the shop cannot enforce penalties or demand someone move. At best they can place a sign threatening to tow away any offenders. But, hopefully, this will end better for those who really need an accessible park in social housing.


At least WA is smart enough to have a system to deal with grubs who wrongfully use disability parking spots on private property.

High time the rest of Australia followed suit.

The rest of Australia has the same scheme:-

"The Queensland Disability Parking Permit Scheme was harmonised with all states and territories of Australia and is now called the Australian Disability Parking Permit (ADPP). "

The local governments may enter into an agreement with the owners of private car parks such as shopping centres to enforce their parking requirements. This then allows local governments to issue infringement notices for the misuse of private parking bays.
Both local government and Queensland Police Service officers may issue infringement notices for the misuse of parking bays in on-street areas.”

The emphasis is on Private car parks (hospitals, supermarkets, etc) used as public parks. It doesn’t mention private car parks, such as a block of flats. I read the WA Case Studies - it isn’t clear if there is a fee for Council Inspectors to patrol, one says that the LG keeps the fines, which would pay for the service. Over 50% of fines are overturned on appeal, most LGs issue warnings for the first 2 offences. Photocopies of Permits is the biggest breach.


I call BS on the miscommunication.

I think someone made a ‘courageous’ decision, without regard to the optics, and then when the politics all blew up, they backed down … pretending that the decision was being “reviewed” and that there was “miscommunication”.

Does strata apply here though where none of the occupiers is an owner and the whole thing is owned by the Qld government (my assumption)?

Making it subject to a strata scheme might be forward looking for when the government starts to flog off units. :frowning:

For sure, but what we don’t know is what arrangements apply in this particular block.

In this particular case, I rather suspect the opposite. There would be no need for a marked disabled spot if the unit occupied by the disabled plaintiff had a dedicated, permanently-allocated associated parking spot. (The parking spot could instead be marked with the unit number with which it is associated.)

Well yes there are always a***holes.