Qantas Travel Pass

I booked a ticket in April for a flight in August using a Qantas Travel Pass. I received an email July 1st to say there was an issue with my payment. After many attempts and even more hours l was told that my Travel Pass has been used. Four weeks and 12 very long phone waits on hold later l am no closer to finding out when and what destination it was used for. My pass is for $1855.15 and it would seem has been used by someone else.

Welcome to the Community @Ratty86

QF states ’ You can also check your balance and track your transaction activity online at any time but from your post it seems that did not resolve what may have happened, or were you not aware of that ‘feature’?

I presume you have then been talking with customer service without success; you might try to engage QF through a formal complaint process to find out what the ‘issue with my payment’ was, and ‘what destination it was used for’.

If your booking used someone else’s Travel Pass (with consent) it would be on their account.

It is unfortunate that QF might cite privacy and decline to name the pax who purportedly travelled but if Travel Pass was in your name there should be a detail record of what it was used for and you could argue that entitles you to know the pax who flew.