Qantas Price Matching

I noticed the Qantas ‘Price Promise’. Since the US carriers give lowest price guarantees from their web sites (as well as 24 cancellation per the US laws), as do many hotels, for booking direct, I thought to see how competitive Qantas ‘Promise’ is with the expectation that it is probably empty marketing. (Does my cynicism show?)

My conclusion is why would anyone bother with them because it is hard and QF will only match the best fare, not beat it by even a dollar. Another case of our businesses providing us with our all too common and very special ‘Australia treatment’ all while bleating how good it is.


Can’t imagine that too many of these are claimed.


This ‘condition’

* Screenshots of the third party website that do not include all required content:
o Date and time stamp
o Qantas flight details
o Total price/summary

is interesting as a simple screenshot won’t show the date of the website…only the date of the computer taking the screenshot (if using Windows 10, this is down the right corner of the page and can be easily changed by the user).

I see that their example on the link above doesn’t show a website date but that of the PC.

The only way to get the date of the website information is to print the webpage rather than take a screenshot per say.

I hope that the printing of the webpage with a date tag in the header/footer suffices. If it doesn’t, it would therefore be impossible for most to meet this requirement.


I’m disappointed that Qantas don’t offer 24hour cancellation across all markets. British Airways do. The US law offers good consumer protection and is there for a valid reason. Why do Qantas offer a lower service level to its home customers?


Without trying to be flippant, ‘because they can’.


So can British Airways & KLM but they don’t. Just needs a bit of a consumer backlash (or threat by Australian government of matching regulation). I suspect it is the latter in the case of BA & KLM. If only we had a more consumer friendly government!


I suspect that is because those companies (although subject to some significant gripes and unhappy pax over time) have some underlying integrity as well as respect for their customers.

We have a slightly different history such as the various implementations of "Australia taxes’ and as numerous RC’s expose, ‘we’ are mostly seen as cash cows for business and why they tolerate us whilst taking our money. One and possibly more of our political parties operate under that principle whenever they can.


You mean the one(s) getting their political donations from corporate 'Straya? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I actually utilised the qantas price promise once. Another site was about 45c cheaper due to Qantas rounding up and them not.

I only did it for the 1000 points - and expected to get laughed at as these things are usually designed to be denied anyway - but surprisingly they paid up with no argument.