Qantas Frequent Flier Points expiry

I have just had all of my FF points expire on June 30. I received a Qantas FF email mid-June and contained in this email in very small print was a one line saying points due to expire June 30. I have attempted to ring Qantas FF office. The first time said too long a wait ring back. The next time I rang they said wait time 1 hour. I need them put back for some months so I can use them or keep them active. Choice can you assist

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Hi @davidlcleland, sorry to hear about your points expiring. Unfortunately Qantas FF points expire if there has been no account activity for 18 months, which is part of the reason why CHOICE recommends consumers do not let frequent flyer points influence your purchasing decision to get the best deal.

In terms of reclaiming your points, your best chance is to appeal to QANTAS. If they value your custom, hopefully they will honour the points balance. Good luck and please let us know how you go.

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It is also worth logging into QFF every so often to see when points expire, should you have any accumulated points.

We also received a similar email from QFF but knew our points we accumulated inadvertently were going to expire sometime this year and managed to use most (about 95%) before their expiry.

I expect that there will be thousands of others that also got similar emails as it marks the time delay from when Woollies ceased offering QFF as part of their standard rewards program.

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Yep, Qantas has come back with an offer. if I earn 2,500 points over the next 6 months I get to keep my old points. As I don’t travel as much as I used to, I have also made my Woolworth rewards Qantas FF points.

Thanks for your comments

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“Your Qantas Points will not expire as long as you earn or use Qantas Points (excluding family transfers or the conversion of points from Qantas Business Rewards) through your Frequent Flyer account at least once every 18 months. This includes earning or using Qantas Points with our program partners. The time period starts from the date of your last activity (in the case of earning points on eligible flights, that is the date the flight was taken).”

In addition to flying you can get points via ebay purchases and many restaurant bookings, both easy to do, as well as doing business with their partners.

Thanks for the update @davidlcleland, keeping hold of those benefits can be tricky so I’m glad you have sorted something out :thumbsup:

If any other readers have experience with QFF expiry, please feel free to add to this thread.

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Hi Bendan et al,

I had the same issue with my Qantas FF points recently and was able to quickly convert them to eGift cards (which by my estimation was the best pick of a poor selection). As my travelling is sporadic (ie every 2 years or so I travel significantly, then not much at all for a year or so), I decided to “cash” them in for the eGift cards.

This brought about another issue which I will post separately as it is more relevant to Gift cards rather than FF points. Nonetheless, I have to say, I have been dealing with the Qantas store people on this issue for a month now and they have been frustrating to deal with, not responsive at times and overall providing a poor level of service.