Publicly delivered profit and loss statements by Federal, State and Councils annually

I would like to see the requirement for all levels of government to produce an annually audited current ‘state of play’ financial account. Large corporations have to produce, easily accessible and easily understood statements to their shareholders and stakeholders so why not our governments?

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I’d like to see pollies being held accountable for the lies they tell to get into power and then renege on. Why can they not be sued for profiting from deceit?? :frowning:

What a fabulous and smart idea - yes, yes, yes. We, the people, have the right to see how our tax-payer dollars are being spent, so let’s start lobbying our government officials at all levels and ensure that we get this sorted.

Once the dust settles on the election I will start looking at the whys and wherefores to see how it could be made possible.

Thanks for your positive reply.

Well we’ve had plenty of them from both sides of parliament over the past few weeks. Thing is many of us see through the smoke screens and I think the voting reflects that. They are both licking their wounds.

we’re definitely on the same wavelength, so if you need any assistance, please sing out and yes, licking their stupid wounds would be more to the point - when, oh when, will we have politicians worth their salt to govern?