Psychology of November online sales - Aussie style

The US leads the way with Black Friday, then Cyber Monday, and the sale prices and products can be extraordinary. As we follow along our experience appears to be, ahem, perhaps somewhat different?


The chances of these sales coinciding with something I unexpectedly needed is almost zero.

I use the delete function for all related email :slight_smile:


We went shopping on Sunday, and coincidentally went into a camera store. They had prominent advertising for the Black Friday sale which I had not noticed until the salesman came over to ask what we were after, and proceeded to show and tell us about some of the sale items.

The sale was very selective, and although I did ask we did not get any discount on the remoter shutter release we bought. I am not sure that the specials were any different to what might have be available without the advertising excuse.

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I only first became aware of the so-called black friday and cyber monday last week!
Needless to say, I didn’t buy anything either day :wink:


I coincidentally in an act of purest optimism happened to set foot inside the local Hardly Normal store on Saturday - having said not that long ago I never would again.

Apparently the Black Friday sale doesn’t just happen on Friday.

It wasn’t much of a sale either …

In fact I got the impression the only person who saw it as something good was old Gezza himself …


It had to be the GST that put you off!


or was it deluded desperation? :grin: