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Progressive Eyeglass Lenses


I sympathise. It took me a few months to get used to turning my head not just moving my eyes to use the progressives. A few days after getting my first pair I got out of a lift into a restaurant lobby decorated like an Arabian tent where there were zero vertical ‘lines’ for reference; I got vertigo and fell against the wall to stay up. Progressives also affect depth perception.

Some can adapt and many cannot.


I tend to look through under the frame to the steps, then up to see where I am going, then down again. This causes vertigo, and more than the occasional stumble.


I visited a small number of opticians to price getting my normal top end lenses put into my old frames. Everyone had the same price, none in writing. I might be suspicious of retail price maintenance but that evidence! None recorded.

Costco was having an optical sale so I figured why not. $300 for a pair of Costco ‘Kirkland’ house branded progressive lenses made by Eisslor put into my old frames, all the bells and whistles included. Costco was up front about how their product differed from my top enders, and claimed that with my correction I should not notice much if any difference.

Putting them on they were a bit different, but every new prescription has been. Bottom line after a day, $300 out of pocket instead of close to $800, I am totally happy with the product and almost $500 better off.

Anecdotally I might have been over-buying for many years. YMMV.

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The reason the Opto finds difficulty is plain profit! The cheap plastic frames they sell make up nearly all of the profit - much more than the “X” lenses which are cast with micro particles to give much better gradation. I had a pair of titanium frames which were discarded as “old fashioned” and “worn out” !