Profile pictures broken?

Are profile pictures broken at the moment or is it just me?

Looking at for example, in the users column, close to half of them come up as broken images and the rest come up as the expected image.

I would say that the broken ones are those who are letting the web site generate the picture i.e. specified letter in specified colour (e.g. me).


I have noticed the same on our android tablet running chrome.

On our windows 10 desktop running chrome, the images appear.

I put is down to a chrome android issue and was waiting until the next uodate to see if it is fixed.


Thanks for the report @person. There is an issue occuring with profile pics and we have our tech team sorting it out now :+1:


When I try Chrome, the images disappear.

So Firefox shows a broken image but Chrome doesn’t show anything at all. So if you used Chrome, you wouldn’t necessarily see a problem or even realise that there is a problem.

Are you actually seeing the images in Chrome? So, using Chrome, to the left of my name (“person”) in the first post above, what do you see?

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On the desktop yes, on the android verson no. There is nothing but background colour.

I usually have a green circle with a P as tne avatar, but neither show on the android version…only shows on the desktop.

Not all avatars have disappeared, only some. BTW, yours is one I can’t see on android.

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What do you see for mine (Chrome on desktop)?

Also, have you cleared your cache to make sure that you aren’t caching working versions of the images?

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For the past few days, on my IPad2, there’s a question mark on everyone, except Brendan.


What I get in Chrome for the page is:

In Opera (Chromium):

In Firefox (65.0.1 (64-bit)) is:

In the Firefox image the info line has a broken image for @person

See also from Firefox:




As you can see profile pictures can be entirely missing from a topic or only in select parts of the topic eg @natural.thought

However for when selecting a person’s tag from using the “@” symbol most pictures are missing:

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Red Circle with P. Same as @grahroll below on Firefox.

Yes, and don’t use data save either. Still can’t see selected avatars.

Can see @grahroll though.

I wonder if is the discourse default ones (colour circle with letter) which are the issue, as it appears custom ones can be seen.

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That’s what I suggested in the opening post. :slight_smile:


In Chrome/Chromium the entire picture or broken image icon is missing in the info bar in Firefox you get the broken image symbol. I also note the defender shield still appears in Chrome/Chromium in the info bar.

@person just as an experiment would you like to try a profile custom pic and see if that updates your posts with that pic? No need if you don’t wish to. The reason I ask is that @natural.thought’s pic of the letter appears in a post but is missing in the stat/info bar.

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I thought of that but … what happens with the algorithm that automatically assigns default pics? If I do that, will someone else get to reuse my colour? Or does the system recognise that the colour is irrevocably assigned to me even if I am not using it?


Not sure myself I will create a new user just to test and then delete them after the test.

Both system supplied profile pic and custom pic images. Custom shows up system doesn’t:




Apologies again for the error. Everything should be back to normal now :wink:


It certainly is for me, I think including some new pics for some members, and even a new icon for Choice (scales of justice in a shield) appearing in my tabs :slight_smile:


All good for me to.

I even added a customised avatar earlier today to see if that worked, but you beat me to it.


As the original reporter I suppose I should respond that it is working for me now too.


All the profile pics are back on my iPhone and iPad. But on the iPad my G is outside the roll down tab, just over the T in community. And I can see it as I scroll down the page.


All back to normal, thank you. :smile:



Even though it didn’t affect functionality, regular user would have seen something was amiss and wonder if there were other problems as well.