Professionally Installed Home Security

Noted that Choice has a section on home security.

It is lacking any guidance on professionally installed alarm systems. Notably systems that can include remote monitoring, battery backup and independent wireless internet support to a back to base provider.

There are various reasons why such a system and supporting service might appeal to some. They should be reliable, require zero setup skill, and if away for an extended period of time you cannot always be in contact with home. You may prefer not to be!

With many extended families spread around the nation and many neighbourhoods subject to regular residential turnover, you may not be in a situation where you would want to burden a trusted neighbour.

A back to base with support service is an option.
Focusing on the systems available, back to base options and monitoring services what should you look for? Which systems are reliable? Which monitoring organisations can you trust?

The promise of a licensed provider, is that just a cabler’s license?
Does a business providing remote alarm monitoring only support need any licenses at all?
If you have cameras installed, what are the privacy provisions applicable to any data capture? And when the alarm is disabled is video also 1,000% disabled?

In looking at the publicly available privacy policy of one Sunshine Coast Provider (also used by the local council to monitor property), the privacy policy appears to be very low on protections?

There is an assumption this is typical of the industry as a whole! They seem like really keen and nice people to obtain quotes from. :wink:

I’m currently weighing up the options of self install vs pro! Choice currently look predominantly at the DIY.


In Victoria this is ‘it’. and here. Each state does its own thing.

Oversight and other issues I won’t get into here seems to be at a similar level to banking, aged care, and building standards but that is my opinion not necessarily factual.

I once upon a time was an engineer designing very high security alarm systems (manufacturer) and would be happy to give you some advice off-line on the realities of ‘pro alarms and back to base monitoring’. PM me if interested.