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Professional Carpet cleaning services

Can anyone tell me which is best for professional carpet cleaning please?
Steam cleaning or carpet shampooing?
My carpet is synthetic and cream coloured.

Hi @aosborne08, it might be worth indicating your general locality so you don’t get recommendations from a remote area.


Our view.

Steam cleaning done properly can penetrate deep into the carpet. This allows it to more effectively clean the carpet compared to chemical (wet/dry shampoo) cleaning.

You will need to allow time for carpets to dry after cleaning. Dry shampoos still use water to create the shampoo. Steam cleaning leaves the most moisture and can take hours or a day to fully dry. Not ideal on a cold damp or wet humid day, we would try and choose a week with forecast warm drier weather.

For specific stain removal the professionals will have their own selection of products. Different options depending on the type of carpet and stain.

As @phb suggested, if you are looking for further input on professionals near you, it will help to share the general locality you obtain services from.


Steam Cleaning is the best version in my long held opinion as it tends to penetrate further in and the “dirt” is removed more effectively. Colour is not much of an issue either choice, ie running colours as most are dye fast. Stain removal can be difficult no matter which method is used, it is best to remove as much of the offending material while it is still fresh rather than waiting for a delayed deeper clean as the only step in the process.

We have had synthetic and wool carpets and rugs and our preferred method has been Steam Cleaning by professionals, home units tend to be less than adequate both in power of extraction of moisture and cleaning. The Dry/Chemical cleaning may appear as good but the result is less long lasting in regards freshness though it initially may feel softer.

After Storm/Flood damage we have used only Steam Cleaning as the insurance preferred and allowed method (if the carpet/rug was redeemable/salvageable), the Dry/Chemical method just doesn’t “cut the mustard”. That perhaps illustrates it best in our experience.