Product Safety Australia Announcement. Joins The Australian Product Safety Pledge joins the Australian Product Safety Pledge

Dear XXXX, (MyDeal) has today become the latest online marketplace to commit to strengthening product safety on its marketplace and protecting consumers from unsafe products, by signing the Australian Product Safety Pledge (the pledge).

MyDeal sells household goods, like furniture and homewares, and has more than 800 active sellers and 800,000 active customers. Over one million products were sold online by MyDeal in the last financial year.

MyDeal joins the four inaugural pledge signatories – AliExpress, Amazon Australia, and eBay Australia, who signed the pledge in late 2020. Together with MyDeal, these businesses account for a large share of online shopping sales in Australia.

The ACCC welcomes and applauds this development, and encourages MyDeal to continue to take steps to innovate and improve product safety for the benefit of all Australian consumers.

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About the pledge

The pledge (modelled on a similar initiative in the European Union) is a voluntary initiative that aims to protect Australian consumers from safety risks when shopping online, by strengthening product safety measures across online marketplaces. It commits signatories to certain product safety related responsibilities and reporting on the outcomes of their product safety measures.

The ACCC, together with the initial pledge signatories, developed the pledge to respond to the growth in online shopping and challenges associated with managing product safety in the online marketplace.

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The 12 pledge commitments

E-commerce businesses who have signed the pledge are taking steps to ensure consumers have a safe and trusted online shopping experience by committing to 12 key actions (also known as commitments) to improve product safety across their marketplace.

This voluntary initiative commits businesses to a range of actions, some of which include:

  • keeping up to date with the latest product safety information
  • removing unsafe product listings within 2 business days
  • helping sellers comply with Australian product safety laws
  • taking proactive steps to prevent the listing of unsafe products.

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Thinking about joining the pledge?

Online marketplaces that are interested in strengthening and improving their product safety initiatives by joining the pledge are strongly encouraged to contact the ACCC for more information.

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Product Safety Australia
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)