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Private health premium increases announced


Everything you need to know about the latest private health insurance premium increases.

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I remember a refrain “The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer”…Someone must be making a killing out of these companies but not most of the population.


I’ve long questioned whether insurance is a natural commercial market. To my mind, it’s a better fit for a mutual - and isn’t government the ultimate mutual?

Health insurance is probably least suited of all to dog-eat-dog capitalism. In measures such as life expectancy, child mortality and maternal mortality, the public sector consistently yields superior outcomes for lower expenditure than excessively privatised alternatives.

I reckon it’s time to consider shifting the line between the public and the private sectors of Australia’s health care system. On the face of it, the more we can shift out of the private sphere, the more we’ll save as a nation.


That discussion usually gets lost in ‘follow the money’; there is not a lot of money in pockets via the public service but much via pollies and political donations. Australia (all parties) has signed on to follow the US-UK model of capitalism but with a uniquely local libertarian twist (the coalition) for better or worse.


Well the Health Insurance rate rises certainly made some people review their policies and they then dumped them. Nice article about it can be read by following the link:


Yet not any nod to the huge increases from the small Tassie funds. Seems even the New Daily is getting beholden to governmental ‘party lines’ :frowning:


More private health insurance increases are on the way: