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Private health insurance reforms 2019: what you need to know


Private health insurance reforms are on the way, find out what you need to know.

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“The set-up of these categories plays into the hands of insurers who now have the means to better market their products, while consumer confusion remains unaddressed.”

A cynic, or just some casual observers, might think it is doing exactly what this government wants. :roll_eyes:


It continues to frustrate me that psychiatric services are so low priority for the government.

Anyone who needs psychiatric cover has to take out a gold policy. So regardless of age and sex you’re paying for cover for pregnancy, complex terminal illnesses, joint replacements and several other treatments you’re unlikely to ever use. This is despite the fact that unlike those treatments, psychiatric care is needed by people in all demographics.

To make matters worse the public system can make things worse for someone with psychiatric needs as public hospitals are rarely equipped to handle those cases. So you wind up waiting in emergency for hours then put in a ward with an array of upsetting incidents being dealt with around you.

Yeah you can upgrade with no wait period once in a lifetime, but realistically you may need to use that early on. It should be mandatory for health insurers to offer a psychiatry only add on imo.


Good luck to anyone who is in reasonable health and subscribes tot he health industry cartel.
We opted out decades ago when a work colleague on top cover was forced to pay a huge gap fee. He opted out of insurance and never went back.
The only value I can see in health insurance is the peace of mind angle if you get a disease which needs to be treated immediately.
The whole industry is a scam seen over by a destitute government which rubber stamps the annual 6%+rise in premiums. Good luck to players. We’re out and hope that Medicare covers us. If not then such is life!


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