Priority Stamps

I dont think the priority stamps are really wroking or worth the extra 50c. I posted a letter on the Gold coast with a priority stamp on it and to be delivered on the Gold coast and it took 4 days. Isnt it meant to be one? how it used to be. I know without the stamp its 3 days. Before they changed the system it was always 1 day. Gold coast to Gold coast.

Where I live–rural NSW–they stopped collecting local mail separately a few months ago. It now goes to Sydney and back again instead of next day delivery. Perhaps that was implemented country-wide?

As for the Priority stamps, I post 20-30s letter each week and get consistently good results with Priority stamps. It’s a quicker than before the stamps were introduced, e.g. 3-4 business days to WA. Conversely, if I post without a Priority sticker, the letter will take quite a bit longer than it used to e.g. 7-9 days to WA.

Yours sounds unusually slow! Hopefully a one-of.

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This happens in Esperance. The post office in Esperance used to have a separate bin for local mail but now all the mail, mailed in Esperance is sent to Perth for sorting, so Esperance mail takes at least 4 days just to arrive back in Esperance to go to an Esperance address.

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