Price difference in products in store v online

I have been ordering groceries from Woolies online to have delivered since the start of the lock-downs. I have noticed a huge difference in price of a couple of items online as compared to the in-store price. One is Carmen’s Clusters cereal which is around $6-7 a box in store and $11.50 online!! The other is Haagen-Dazs ice cream which is also about $6-7 in store, sometimes as low as $5 on sale and $11.50 on line!!

What is the go with this? It is the exact same product which requires no special handling to deliver. Well, okay, the ice cream has to be frozen. But what can you do to a box of cereal that doubles the price?

Shouldn’t they be the same price in the store and online? I pay a fee for the delivery as well.


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