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Precooked, home delivered meals

I’m talking not only about Lite’n’Easy which everyone knows about and which Choice has done a kind of review of, back in 2016, but also other meals.

I’ve tried L’n’E, Youfoodz, and the Good Meal company, but there are many more, at various price points, and I havent tried them because they don’t deliver to my area.

So I’m wondering what other people have tried, and has Choice considered reviewing these kinds of meals? Food is such a very subjective thing, it might be difficult… for example, I am not particularly fond of pepper, and Lite’n’Easy meals are loaded with it… well, thats from my point of view. I have a friend who loves pepper and adds more to her L’n’E. I’m noticing that Youfoodz has begun to do the same thing. The Good Meal people are more reasonable about it… but their mashed potato is like babyfood… And their prices are very reasonable…

Anyone else want to weigh in on this topic?


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