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Pre existing medical travel insurance

Travel insurance companies have a list of pre existing medicals they will automatically cover. Howevet, when you declare your pre existing condition which is not in their list, some companies will add it to their list for cover, whereas others say their list no longer applies because you have a medical condition outside their list. Why is this so and is it unteasonable?

In my experience every insurer has different rules. I have a pre-existing medical condition (PEMC) and am young (just over 50). I have found the following practices amongst insurers (and I mean BIG names):

  1. I will not be covered because I have a condition outside their list; or
  2. My PEMC is several years old and so I need not declare it on my application form and hence not pay a surcharge which is required for approved PEMC; or
  3. I will be covered for my PEMC if I am approved by the insurer. This requires me to pony up many documents to explain the state of my health in respect of that condition and if approved by the insurer, I need to pay a surcharge.

What must be borne in mind is that the “approval” process by the insurer seems to be a simple matter (they ask an in house doctor to review the application which contains one or a few medical reports) but in my experience it takes several days for the insurer to approve or decline.