Portable cots review (21.04.2020 update)

If you or someone you know is looking to buy a portable cot, you’ll want one that is light, easy to set-up and meets all the highest safety standards. Our member review will help you find the best portable cots, along with our buying guide to help explain the options available.

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A Choice review of portable cots.

What an absolute shocker. Only 1 out of 20 recommended with 17 scoring less than 50%.

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They’re an awful product full stop.
Nearly every other mother I knew at the time I owned one a few years ago was adding an additional mattress, making even the safest product unsafe (the addition of a mattress changes the depth and adds the potential for entrapment).
The entire design needs an overhaul.

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Surely there must be more than one product on the market that can be Choice recommended?
The Target product isn’t available anywhere and none of the others seem worthwhile given the price and failure to pass key tests.