Portable Air Con Review - 23 Jan item not available

I’m looking for a cheapish one and Inalto IAP2740W was in the top six and half/third of the price of others. I challenge Choice to find one to buy…even find a ‘Sold Out’ one listed for anything like the price in the Choice review. It took me 5 mins to realise this, not a huge issue, although post took more.

  • its just a bit on the shonkey side…

or the Onix ON-19KWPA only available at Cash Converters, I jest not

The inability to find products is a function of the marketplace and sometimes when Choice recommends a product it gets sold out quickly. If the product is about to be replaced by another model (how would Choice know this) stock is often not replenished. The testing and publishing cycle is many months to commission a test, get market data to select products to test, test the products, and then collate and publish the results if that provides any insight.

It is a problem many consumers face in trying to find particular products but I do not agree it is shonky for Choice to recommend or review them when they are are on the market and available.

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There are other reviewed models with an rrp in the same price range. The two models you mentioned appear to have been heavily discounted which may explain the lack of availability. Not uncommon at this time of year, now that summer has finally arrived.

Discounts do vary. The Choice product reviews included pricing current as of Oct 2022, which Choice acknowledges can vary.

Have you looked at similar models currently in stock and the pricing at any of the major retailers.
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There are numerous models priced around and under the $600 mark, including models in the Choice review.