Popcorn Police

Hoyts have announced exciting new offers exclusive only to members of the Hoyts Rewards Program.

FREE POPCORN COMMING SOON ! Being loyal members that we are, we excitedly studied the detailed conditions of eligibility on the Hoyts Website (below) to believe what we were seeing. Hoyts have done due diligence here to ensure this exciting offer is not misused. Members should make themselves fully conversant of the conditions prior to taking part else they may indeed be deprived of popcorn or worse. At our next viewing I expect to see PopCorn Inspectors (PCI’s) patrolling the venue, looking for illicit popcorn containers/refills and unreasonable sharing of popcorn.

“Free Popcorn Refills.
Members with an active and valid membership are entitled to receive free popcorn refills on the same day as a popcorn is purchased, either as part of a combo or as a standalone item and when a valid membership card (physical or digital) has been scanned as part of the original purchase and the same card is scanned as part of the free refill. To receive this benefit, the original empty popcorn container must be returned to a HOYTS crew member at the candy bar point of sale and the member must a request the popcorn refill. The same membership card used in the original purchase must be used. HOYTS will replace the empty popcorn container with a full one of a similar or same size. Promotional containers are retained by the member and a standard popcorn container will be provided as the vessel for the popcorn refill. Refills will be supplied in a standard container of same / similar size and this container will need to be used for any additional refills on that day. Members will not be supplied with another promotional container as part of this offer. Used popcorn containers must be returned to HOYTS Staff when this benefit is being redeemed. Popcorn refills are provided under the HOYTS Fair Go policy where HOYTS reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse to refill a members popcorn where HOYTS believes the benefit / offer is being abused and / or the refills are not for personal use or are being unreasonably shared with other groups / people.”


More discrimination!

I don’t like popcorn.
What deal do I get? :rage: