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I have a lightly used 5 litre heavy duty Nylex garden sprayer. It suddenly lost the pumping pressure needed to spray the weed killer. I cannot find a way to dissemble and repair the pumping mechanism and there seems to be no specific information available on the Nylex sprayer from Nylex or anyone else. Information describing the process is available for other brands, but the designs are different and are no help for my problem. I have read the suggestion that the problem has very likely come about because an O ring in the pump has slipped off the shaft and need to be relocated so that the pump will work again. Does anyone know how to access the internal parts in the Nylex pump cylinder?

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Would it be this model in case anyone reading has experience fixing same?

Have you contacted Nylex by phone or form for a how to? It should be the most authoritative answer. Another solution is sometimes provided when products have ‘exploded’ parts list diagrams in their manuals that often suggest how they are put together, at least for the mechanically minded, or sometimes only for those enjoying mechanical puzzles :wink:

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Hi @Sis,

The heavy duty Nylex 5l sprayer has a 3 year warranty, if that is your product.

Bunnings sell a viton replacement seal kit, but at $18 approx it is nearly as expensive as the sprayer.

I suspect the body of the pump outer cylinder screws into the underside of the cap. I’ll have a look at mine later if someone else is not forth coming with the answer.

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Nylex don’t appear to have a service manual for their shoulder sprayers.

If you are still wondering about how to disassemble.
The following is the Hills Manual. These sprayers are all similar. The seal kit for the Nylex version has a similar bundle of o-rings to the Hills. Per my previous comment if you choose to repair your faulty sprayer the “barrel” (item 276) as it is labelled in the Hills manual unscrews from the cap (item 277). Refer following.

Re Nylex 5l there are two versions. The Heavy Duty with Viton seals. The standard duty has a black synthetic rubber seal kit.


Did you buy it at Bunnings? Do you still have the receipt? My experience is that Bunnings are good at replacing faulty goods. If your sprayer looks newish they may even exchange it without a receipt, depending on the person serving you.

If not, then …

I am not certain if it would work for yours, but I have a vague recollection that the whloe pump mechanism unscrews & lifts out from the outer translucent shell. Hopefully, once it’s out you should be able to disassemble it.