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Poor product placement?

Spotted at my local Woolworths. The pet may love it initially, but the vet bill, or worse wont be loved!


Tim Tams in the pet food section or has someone been mischievous and moved the label from the pet food aisle?

One would hope the staff person this was reported to responded promptly?

Sugar ants? An unusual pet, I remember ant farms being all the go back in the day. Something about reinforcing rewards for cooperative industry or how we all had roles to play in feeding or protecting the colony. :wink:

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There is a growing online trend of some customers finding (or more likely creating) problems at the major supermarkets. Whether it is photos of frozen food placed mysteriously on the supermarket shelf, fresh meat claimed as being still frozen several hours after returning home, steak which was reportly chopped into small pieces and the list goes on.

The supermarkets response is to provide refunds, offer free products, free loyalty shopper points etc to the benefit of the ‘reporting’ customer.

This has resulted in gaming the goodwill of the supermarkets.

This is possibly another example of games being played by someone for their own benefit or gratification.

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I seriously doubt that any retailer would put such signage near products that are toxic to dogs.

As others have posted, it is probably someone thinking that they are clever.