Poor Customer Relations

EA, the computer games company, bought the rights to the Mattel Scrabble game on Facebook. Since then, the game has been a constant source of frustration for players all over the world. The latest debacle is the game will only partially load and then stops. EA’s customer relations has not been great but has been absolutely abysmal with this latest problem. They operate a Facebook Group which has not had a post from EA for the last 6 months and the public Community posts show a continual stream of complaints about Scrabble failing to load with no responses from EA. There are around 4 million followers of this group, which gives an idea of the number of players who may be impacted, and hence potential EA customers who are receiving a very negative impression of the company. Yes, the game that is provided is free, but EA and Facebook must be generating a reasonable amount of revenue from advertising otherwise it wouldn’t still be available.

The link to the Facebook Group is Facebook Scrabble Group

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